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Preparing children for life

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Upper Elementary &
Middle School Program

Our Upper Elementary and Middle School program at Harpeth Montessori combines Montessori child-centered education and Project Based Learning.  Our Upper Elementary and Middle School program is part of the Apogee Academy Network of schools.   Apogee Academy Franklin is a unique learning experience that prepares children for life.  We do this through the following daily activities:

Socratic Discussions
Socratic discussions enhance critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity through question and answer dialogues.

Project Based Learning
Children learn by engaging in real world projects that span 2-6 weeks in length.  Each project is multidisciplinary in scope and helps build many skills including time management and goal setting.

Core Academic Fundamentals
Math, Science, and Language Arts are practiced daily through individualized learning plans and 1:1 lessons.

Morning Physical Training

We start our day with 45 minutes of gamified fitness that helps create healthy habits for life.

Character Development
Our students live by and practice the Apogee Code everyday.  See Code below.

Practical Life Enrichments
Each day students participate in enrichments such as Entrepreneurship, American History, Spanish, Homesteading, Music, and Theatre.

Outdoor Time to Explore and Build Friendships
Students can play sports such as soccer, tennis, football, and hockey on our sports court or build structures, hang out with friends, or explore nature on our 3-acre natural playground.

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