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Enrollment Process

Our admissions process is designed to ensure that our school is a good fit for both your child and your family.  We are seeking families that support our philosophy of educating the whole child.  Educating the whole child prepares our students for life.  Conflict resolution, decision making, individualized thinking, and identification of personal strengths are a part of every classroom. 


We accept applications year-round however spaces are limited in many classrooms, so be sure to get your application in promptly to secure a spot on our waitlist.  Our admissions process involves the following:

1)  Introductory questionnaire: Parents complete and submit our online introductory questionnaire to learn more about our program and to schedule an introductory call.

2)  Online Application: Parents fill out an application. Application will be reviewed upon receipt of the application fee.  Application fees are non-refundable and secures your child's spot on our waitlist.  To pay the non-refundable application fee, click the link below:

3)  Tour: Upon completion of an introductory phone call, school admission director will schedule a campus tour with parents and their child.


4)  Student Visitation Day: The child’s visitation day will allow them to experience a day at Harpeth Montessori. This gives the child the chance to experience the Montessori Work Cycle, the social environment, and the teaching style of individual teachers.  It also provides our teachers the opportunity to observe each child and evaluate their level of independence, social/emotional response to the environment, and assess their academic ability.

5)  Review of Application:  The selection of applicants is based upon admission standards which include teacher visitations with the child, academic assessments, and behavior complementary to Montessori philosophy as well as the perceived parental support and understanding of our program.  Upon completion of the student and parent interviews, your child’s application will be sent to the admissions team for consideration.   

At Harpeth Montessori, we value building a community of people with diverse backgrounds.  We cherish economic, political, and religious freedom.  Enrollment is granted without discrimination to sex, race, color, religion, or national origin.

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